Paid services

The following paid personal healthcare services are provided at Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic:

  • services for insured persons who are not covered by compulsory health insurance (except for emergency care);
  • services that are not covered by the agreement with the territorial health insurance fund;
  • consultations with specialist doctors if the patient does not have a referral (unless otherwise provided for by law);
  • specialist consultations or other services if the patient requests them not as scheduled;
  • services, tests, procedures provided at the patient’s request;
  • dental care: insured persons (except for children and persons enrolled in full-time general education schools, full-time divisions of vocational schools until they reach the age of 24, and socially disadvantaged persons, when they present a certificate from the social assistance department of the municipality in which they live) are charged for the cost of medicines, dental and other materials used for dental care, and disposable supplies;
  • preventive health checks for workers and new entrants;
  • preventive health checks for amateur drivers, those wishing to purchase a civilian gun and those travelling abroad
  • vaccinations that are not included in the Republic of Lithuania calendar of preventive vaccinations for children and are not funded from other sources;
  • other services specified in the legislation as paid;
  • services provided on the basis of reciprocal agreements with insurance companies and other companies
  • health-related services and paid non-medical services

The lists of paid services and prices are approved by the Order of the Director of the Outpatient Clinic in accordance with the legislation of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania regulating paid services.

We cooperate with insurance companies
We value patients’ choice and trust in our healthcare facility, so we strive to provide quality healthcare services that meet their expectations.
We have been successfully working with Lithuanian health insurance companies for several years. Private health insurance allows to diagnose and treat the illness, quickly perform all the necessary tests, purchase the necessary medicines, get vaccinations, have preventive health checks performed and receive other services that are not covered by the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund but are covered by insurance companies within the limits set by the insurance.

We invite you to visit Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic: to see a family doctor or a specialist doctor of your choice, to undergo laboratory or other diagnostic tests, and to take advantage of the wide range of physical medicine and rehabilitation services.

PI Antakalnis Outpatient Clinic cooperates with the following insurance companies in Lithuania:

  • ERGO Life Insurance SE
  • Lietuvos draudimas
  • Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE
  • Gjensidige
  • BTA Baltic Insurance Company, AAS branch in Lithuania
  • Branch of If P&C Insurance AS